The future

Validation of the hemorheologic-hemodynamic theory will require a prospective study to determine if elevated blood viscosity and a measure of arterial stiffness or peak arterial velocity will better identify subjects at high risk for symptomatic atherosclerosis than routinely used markers such as lipid analysis.

Why do I pursue my theory when we have already benefitted from cholesterol-lowering medications?  I think we can develop medicines that lower viscosity which will be more effective than cholesterol-lowering agents, because they will address the increased risk associated with the other very important risk factors.  With real insight into how the disease of atherosclerosis develops, we can make rational dietary decisions, not ones based on speculation and fear.  Hopefully, low risk interventions such as drinking more water and blood donation will be practiced more widely.  If you should decide to drink more water, remember the words of Paracelsus, the father of toxicology:  “All things are poison…only the dose permits something not to be poisonous.”  Five glasses of water a day should be enough.

Please consult your physician before making any lifestyle changes.